Pastor’s Message

 Welcome to the Webpage for First Congregational United Church of Christ in Eagle River. I am serving as the church’s interim pastor in the wake of our former pastor’s departure to serve another congregation in Virginia. Our Search Committee is doing its work diligently to identify our church’s next called pastor.


I know this church well, because I have been a member since 2003.  For much of that time my wife, Pat Tucker, was pastor of our church. In the meantime I also served as pastor of our church in Rhinelander. Pat and I both retired from our respective pastorates in 2011, until I was asked to serve as interim here in July of this year.


So, I know this church, and, of course, I love it. It is a welcoming community that continues to struggle (in a good way) with what it means to be a faithful community of followers of Christ in this place and at this time. A member of another church in town, who probably thought that she was being critical, once said of our congregation, “Oh, they’ll accept anybody.” We wear that description as a badge of honor: Who ever you are; wherever you’ve been; whatever you’ve done, you’re welcome here.


We hope you’ll visit: not only our webpage, but also our church. Worship is at 7:30 and 10:00 most Sundays except for the final Sunday of every month when we have one service at 9:00. We look forward to meeting you.



Reverend Dale Bishop