The Board of Missions shall consist of a minimum of 6 active members of this church, each of whom shall serve 3-year terms.  Two board members shall be elected at each annual meeting and the terms of two board members shall expire at the end of each year.  A board member who completes a full term will not be eligible to be elected to the board again for a minimum of 1 year.  The Board of Missions shall meet monthly or more often when necessary. A chairperson shall be elected at the last meeting of the calendar year for service in the coming year. The chairperson, or an appointed representative, shall be a voting member of the Church Council.  The Board is responsible for leading the congregation in responding with compassion to the needs of our brothers and sisters locally, nationally, and internationally.  Specifically, responsibilities of the Board of Missions shall include but not be limited to the following:

  •  Generate ideas for mission projects (including mission trips) for the
    congregation, develop a plan of action and a budget for these projects,
    implement the plan of action and report regularly on the progress of the
  •  Direct the administration of church scholarship funds through the church
    Scholarship Committee as it solicits and screens applicants and selects
    recipients. At least one member of the Board of Missions will serve on the
    Scholarship Committee.
  • Conduct fundraisers as needed to generate mission dollars.

If you would like any other information regarding the Missions Board, please contact our church office at 715-479-8501.


Current Members of the Board

Barb Helmick

Krista Wittkopf

Norma Yeager