The Board of Deacons oversees the spiritual life of the church, and its members serve as "spiritual servants" of the congregation.  You will notice the Deacons wear red ribbons on their name tags to help members and visitors alike with any church-related questions they might have.  Deacons try to speak to people new to our services, to welcome them and help them meet our congregation members.  

Deacons are concerned with many facets of the worship service and help the Pastor whenever needed.    A Deacon (known as the Deacon of the Week) is assigned each Sunday to prepare the sanctuary for worship and open each service with the greeting, announcements and the call to worship.  They prepare communion for the first Sunday of each month, whether it is passed in the pews or offered by intinction (dipping the bread into the cup) when the congregation comes forward.  Special services are offered on Wednesday evenings during Lent, at which time the Deacons may assist.  The Deacons also assist the Pastor at special times when new members are received or the sacrament of Baptism is given.

When the Pastor is absent, Deacons may offer pastoral care, arrange for a substitute Pastor, and provide hospital visits.  The Deacons also schedule members of the congregation as ushers and scripture readers.  Periodically, the Deacons will organize and present a "Laity Sunday", during which the services are led entirely by the congregation members.  Deacons take their turn, as an elected Board of the church, to provide and cook a meal for God's Country Kitchen, the Wednesday night dinner for all members and friends of the church.  The Board of Deacons consist of a minimum of nine members of this church who shall be elected for a term of three years at the annual meeting.  The term of three persons shall expire at the end of each year.  A board member who completes a full term will not be eligible to be elected to this board again for a minimum of one year.

A chairperson and secretary of the Board of Deacons will be elected at the last meeting of the calendar year, for service in the coming year.  The chairperson or appointed representative shall attend the Church Council meeting and be a voting member of the Church Council.

The Board of Deacons meet monthly or more often if necessary.

Other duties assigned to the Board of Deacons, but not limited to them:

  • Maintain the current membership list based on the policies of the Church Constitution.
  • Submit a budget proposal for the following year to the Board of Trustees prior to their first budget-planning meeting.
  • Submit a yearly report at the annual meeting.

Members of the Board of Deacons

Joe Turpin

Lily Tyler

Diane Lausar

Trista Langley-Tyler

Tobi Johannsen

Jane Shadick

Linda Sanborn

Marlyn Hupperts

Deb Stolze

Ken Lynch