There is yet more truth & light to

break forth from God’s Holy Word.”

(Pastor John Robinson, 17th Century)

Join us for a ‘LISTEN UP!’ Bible Study!

(There have been & are many Bible studies. How is this one different?

Our primary purpose will be to listen and hear God speak. To be sure,

together we will learn a great deal about the book of Mark. But the primary

purpose is not simply learning information.  It is hearing God speak! 

            We will be challenged and comforted.

TIME: You choose: This study will be offered

on Sundays from 8:45 – 9:45 a.m.. (between services)

AND ALSO on Mondays from 1:30 – 3 p.m..

DATES: January 5th -   February 11th

WHERE:  Church Conference Room

WHAT: “Mark’s Gospel, the shortest of the four Gospels,

gets right to the point and tells us what really mattered most

to the earliest of Christians. Mark didn’t have the time, or want

to take the time, to deal with anything that didn’t draw a straight

line from Jesus’ baptism to the empty tomb…Mark’s is a bare-

bones Gospel with a raw faith….from the very first verse, his focus

is the good news that this Jesus is who he said he was – the one

worth listening to, the one worth following, the One worth giving

your life for.  This is the Jesus we meet in the pages of Mark.

 That’s reason enough to read this urgent, raw Gospel.